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"I discovered that the most interesting music of all was made by simply lining the loops in unison, and letting them slowly shift out of phase with other..." - Steve Reich


Valid since 01.09.2014.

Single tracks

70,00€ /track

(~56,45€ VAT 0%) /track

2-4 tracks

65,00€ /track

(~52,24€ VAT 0%) /track

5+ tracks

60,00€ /track

(~48,39€ VAT 0%) /track


+5,00€ /track

(vinyl premasters, radio edits, instrumental versions etc, done on the same session)

I charge by the track and my rates a divided in three different price ranges.

For example, an EP of five tracks costs 5*60,00€ = 300,00€ (241,94€ without the 24% VAT), and with separate vinyl masters, 5*60,00€ + 5*5,00€ = 325,00€.

If the total running time is either very short or very long compared to the number of the tracks, ask for an offer.

Please notice the lower VAT 0% prices apply for non-EU clients and EU clients with a valid VAT number!

My rates apply within the following conditions:

  1. My work has a full satisfaction guarantee. Revisions will be made until everyone is happy about the job.
  2. The rates listed include the masters delivered as files (usually either a DDP fileset or a pack of separate WAV files for vinyl). Almost every plant accepts masters in these file formats. If a physical CD-R master is required, I charge 50,00€ (including the 24% VAT) for them. Reference copies are free of charge for attended sessions.
  3.  If you deliver a new set of mixes for a revision, or if you want revisions to be made after the project was finished and the masters were delivered, I will charge the extra work at an hourly rate of 55,00€ /h (including the 24% VAT).
  4. The methods of payment are either bank transfer (IBAN/BIC) or PayPal. Contact for details