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"I discovered that the most interesting music of all was made by simply lining the loops in unison, and letting them slowly shift out of phase with other..." - Steve Reich

The studio

A seamless chain

My current mastering room was finished in January, 2011. The acoustic designer was Janne Riionheimo, and the build process is documented in pictures here: Virtalähde Mastering – Mastering room in an old farming house.

The studio was built inside an old farming house on a completely new frame. It’s highest spot is at 3,5 metres. The room is an open, pleasingly live space and a pleasure to work in. The studio is located in our yard, along with a house built in the early 1800′s and next to a small river.

My equipment is a unique combination of both commercially available tools and tools which I have built, designed or modified myself. As the years have passed, it all has developed into a seamless chain I intimately know.

The speakers are large 3-way speakers I built out of drivers from ATC and Morel. They are standing on custom made heavy speaker stands from Towersonic. The match between the speakers and the room acoustics is exceptionally well made.

My signal path consists of modified EQ and compressor modules from the Danish NTP, a Knif Audio Pure Mu compressor, a Maselec MDS-2 de-esser  and the Porter/Lacy “Net EQ” and “Davelizer” custom equalizers built by myself. The conversion is handled with a Weiss DAC2, Lavry Blue series and a Crane Song HEDD192.

The whole system is bound together with a completely passive monitor controller/insert switcher, which makes it easy for me to arrange my tools into different chains that define the core sound of each project at hand.