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"I discovered that the most interesting music of all was made by simply lining the loops in unison, and letting them slowly shift out of phase with other..." - Steve Reich


Booking a session

Booking the session well in advance is always a good thing to do. Most likely I will be able to do an album within four weeks and shorter projects I can usually do a little faster than that.

Cancelling or postponing the session should be done, at minimum, five working days before the booked date.

For booking, please contact me via email at: jaakko[at]virtalahde.com

Sending the material

You can either upload the material or send it by the post.

For uploading I primarily use my Wetransfer account, which is a simple, browser-based method for sending large files. The address of the account is:


Making a ZIP or a RAR package out of the files is recommended, as it protects the audio if something happens during the upload or download. A ZIP gives a clear error message for a damaged file while a naked audio files tend to cut abruptly or they might catch random clicks and pops in them.

USB memory sticks, CD’s and DVD’s are fine if you want to send the material by post. Please check that the discs work before sending them, and pack them well. The mailing address can be found from the top of this website.

With the material, please include a text file or a letter with all the necessary info such as the track order, ISRC codes, track names, release formats and anything you think might be useful for me to know. You can also e-mail this data to me.

If you bring the material with you to the session, I accept CD’s and DVD’s, USB memory sticks and external hard drivers (with the necessary cables included).

Can I attend the mastering session?

Sure. Your presence can be helpful, especially when we’re editing and building up the pausing between the tracks. However, I do appreciate if a certain silence is kept in the room. This is because my work is mostly careful listening, so any unnecessary noise keeps me distracted from the project. Comments, ideas and such talk related to the project is of course allowed.

Even if you attend the session, I’m happy to receive the material in advance. This way I can prepare the session before you arrive and check everthing is fine.

Many of my customers join in at the editing phase. This is also a good way of working because the mixes will tell me anyway where the sound is heading to. Also, the sound of my monitoring chain isn’t probably familiar enough to everybody, and the final judgement needs to be done with a system you know anyway.

Please keep in mind that when you come to visit my studio, you’re also visiting my home.

What do I get from the mastering session?

From the first session I like to give out reference copies to go, either as an audio CD or as uploaded files. After you have listened to these, changes can still be made to the project if required.

When everyone is happy and the project is finished, I’ll make a proper master for duplication in the needed format. I have delivered masters to most CD and vinyl plants and I know the formats these plants want the masters in.